The Piper and the Tide

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

20 years ago I found myself at a precipice in my artistic development. I had started a job for a local grocery store doing signage and merchandising displays. While it was a decent paying gig with benefits, it was not by any means the way I had hoped to demonstrate my "artistic voice ". My only solace was that I was getting paid for my creative capacity.

My voice as an artist was in a weird state of suspended animation. I was always thinking about painting but had little time for orchestrating one. Never mind a whole sustained body of work. Throw in starting a family as well, so something had to yield.

The autumn of 1999 I did find the time to do a piece that depicted what painting and being an artist meant to me. I must admit that some of the symbolism is trite, no my head isn't on a stick, but I do feel that the piece has a strong alagory. Let me break down a few of those elements.