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The Piece of Me That Wishes Peace to Thee

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Peace, 2017 (included in the Roc Paint Sip catalog)

By Bobby Padilla

Acrylic on canvas, 16"x20

With the holidays upon us, no heavy lifting here, I'll keep it light. The holidays are plenty hectic, so finding a moment to connect through my blog is a small gift. Hopefully, we get a chance to meet in person if you’re in my circles, but now there’s hundreds of views of my blog posts, so this may be my only season’s greeting to some of you. Initially, I didn’t see the value in blogging, but it has been steadily growing every month in readership and I’m so thankful.

The Dove, 1951

By Fernand Leger

Gouache on paper

Child with Dove, 1901

By Pablo Picasso

Oil on Canvas

Hoping everyone has a safe and joyous holiday season. Simply, here’s wishing everyone peace! Trying to find peace in the moments and with the people that bring you happiness. For me, Thanksgiving has surpassed Christmas in that regard. It’s not that I don’t enjoy Christmas, it just seems to have more unnecessary drama. There are discrepancies with menu options based on traditions that are in serious need of modernizing on account of half of the willing participants are vegetarian. There’s the relatives you literally see once a year. With religion and politics off the table, you’re left with small talk. It’s ok that’s how holidays roll, I guess… Thanksgiving is teamwork in the kitchen without the burden of obligation. It’s eating while you’re preparing to eat. It’s sipping bourbon and laughing at stupid shit. It’s welcoming new faces and honoring the older ones. It’s throwing turkey out the kitchen window to my brother’s sled dogs, and now my dog too!

Noah Let's Go of the Dove Through the Window of the Arc (Genesis VIII 6.9), 1931

By Marc Chagall

Gouache on paper

Child with Dove, 1977

By Marc Chagall

Oil on Canvas

Let me reiterate, I do enjoy Christmas. I know it’s cliché, but it’s never about the gifts you wrap and put under the tree. If you’re doing the holidays right, Christmas and New Year’s, are a continuation of the thankfulness that started on that Thursday in late November. Thankfulness is the conduit to all the other better emotions we express on Christmas, from joy to generosity.

Return of the Dove, 1851

By John Everett Millais

Oil on canvas

The elements for a happy holiday season are still time honored and true: family (for better or worse); friends; lots of food; and lots of cheer. In the absence of any or all of those elements during this time of year, I can understand the depths of depression that some folks have to endure. The same things that supercharge the spirit of the season, like lights, decorations and holiday music everywhere, are a constant reminder of what is missing in their lives. Those are the souls that need the concentration of prayers or wishes or whatever magic we can muster.

A Dove has Spread Her Wings and Asks for Peace, 1982

By Maria Primachenko

Gouache, fluorescent paint on paper

Woman with Dove, 2015

By Dimitris Mytaras

Mixed media on canvas

Peace Doves Over Jerusalem, 2019

By Jean David

Mixed media on canvas

Keeping it brief because I have to tend to my holiday errands which include: boxing up minor annoyances; shopping for patience and tolerance; dusting off old traditions and cooking up some new ones. Remember to take every moment you can to reflect. Accept every greeting or smile you get with joy. May the tears be few but meaningful. Wishing your remembrances of the past be proportionate to your hope for the future. Find creativity in the mundane, and if you can, use art as a tool. Above all, find the moments to be thankful.


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