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The Limitless

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Over the many classes and paintings I've instructed, I've learn to address the apprehension that the garden variety (painter/partier) has when presented with a blank canvas. Despite the fact that I'm there to teach them and guide them step by step. I imagine if I had a "Write & Sip" it would be the same dilemma. Folks with vacant stares mesmerized by a blank notebook or screen.

I find myself dispensing the same words of encouragement to those individuals who are verklempt. "Let's take it one step at a time." "I'm here for you." "Trust your hands, and follow through to the end." "Don't take yourself to serious... you're here for a good time not a long time!" Moreover, when you feel like you need a break, have a glass of wine or a cold beer or share a laugh with your friends and family. I say "Painting is a process not a product." "Your mistakes inform your decisions and tell a story." "They are as important as the happy little moments that happen within your painting."

I have two sons who are on the threshold of being adult men. I've also encountered many of their friends who are at the gates of adulthood. Young people who face the "blank canvases" of their lives. The possibilities are limitless, despite the reality of their doubt. Greet the prospect of that canvas with excitement and determination. Embrace the journey the best you can. It'll be your attitude that dictates your experience. Have faith in your abilities over the confusion and uncertainty.

I find that the same words of encouragement that I bestow upon my customers are just as applicable to them as they begin to paint their life's masterpiece.

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