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The Answers You Seek is…

You can start with a store bought or you can stretch one out yourself. Either way you have a blank canvas ready for all your ideas. It can be layered with meaning and elements that when done with sensitivity and care, will leave you spiritually fulfilled and your audience in awe. With the right ingredients of color, texture, and composition you can elevate your creation from object to art.

Theme, taste and social acceptance will always vary. Complexity in palettes that is savory to one’s intellect, or it can be simple and sweet. It can be fun and fruity or completely nuts. It can, at times, complete you, or leave you asking questions like why? What is it made of? Or, are people going to appreciate the amount of work I put into this? Is what I’m putting in front of you easy to break down or is it going to set like a rock?

The end product can have ethnic or cultural heritage. It can be used to raise money for worthy causes. It can be private, to be shared with a select few or it can be accessed on every street corner for all to consume with a cup of coffee and an opinion.

Sometimes despite all your work and intention it could be a failure. It could be overdone, or too sappy sweet. However, when all the symbols of the season blend harmoniously with all the colors glazing one on top of the other, it can reveal dense layers of creative satisfaction… it’s perfection.

I may be talking about painting, but I can easily be talking about pie. Both bring people together and warrant comments and scrutiny, both wanted and unwanted. They both are an object of my passion that have a direct path to my heart.

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