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That looks good in the hallway, but what about the other five?

I have paintings everywhere. Which shouldn't be a surprise to those who know me. Over the thirty years or so that I've been formally painting, I've loaded my walls with art. I've sold paintings, gifted paintings, and bartered with them. I have wrapped up older works and cataloged them. I have "works in progress" in my studio, as well as, dining room, basement, and garage. Not to mention the paintings that echo inside my head everyday. Oh, then there's the RPS catalog, some twelve odd cases and counting.

I get that people love the Paint and Sip thing. I don't make any bones about the reason why we paint and sip. It's to spend time with the people we enjoy while sharing some laughs and making memories. Of course you're left with the fruits of your labor, a "beautifully" painted canvas. Having this be a somewhat enjoyable activity, you may have a collection of paintings. Some for better, some for worse, but let's face it, there's only so much wall space right?

So perhaps the challenge is to find some functionality in what we paint. In the end, it's still something that's decorative. However, if we can find purpose for said objects, then that just might invigorate our imagination. The trend is to recycle and repurpose everyday objects. Again, you may have half a dozen canvases collecting dust, but how many hand painted olive oil bottles do you have? Or perhaps wine bottle nightlights? Do you have any one of kind hand painted wine glasses or beer mugs? Scratched up old vinyl records can be transformed into funky painted clocks. An ld paint brush can be new holiday ornaments.

It's the same experience that you enjoy when you're painting with your "peeps" but you now have something to show off the next time someone says, "Where did you get that?"... and you say "I painted that myself!"

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