Take a Picture (It last longer)...and I know why

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Waking with coffee and my wife on the corner of the couch trying to get my son out the door for school, we could not ignore the sunrise. A glorious blend of vanilla lavender swirl with electrified fuchsia. The breaking light through the dining room window gave us reason to pause. My son Xavier suggested "Dad you should take a picture and paint that." Half jokingly I replied "I'm taking a mental picture." To which my wife, Shannon, quipped, "All you do is paint from pictures...", a salvo fired across the port bow of the USS Imagination. I didn't find the comment particularly offensive and hardly dignified it with a response. I didn't feel the need to remind her of the surreal allegorical paintings that I've done throughout my twenties, including the wedding mural I did on Japanese paper that took me 4 months to paint, coming from dozens of composite sketches. Oh, and there's the RPS catalog that's 98% out of my head (remaining 2% customers customized request).

However, it did make me think about how we can use photo references to make art. How our phones can be tools to capture specific moments that inspire us.