Spring, Rebirth, Resurgence, and a Vote to move New Year’s to March

Rebirth, 1908

By Odilon Redon

Oil on Canvas, 18" x 40"

It’ll never happen I know, but shouldn’t New Years be in March to align with the Vernal Equinox. Spring is when it’s visibly noticeable that life is anew. The days are longer and slightly warmer as we pull closer to the sun, and nature begins its resurgence. Having New Years on December 31 is dumb upon consideration. Its cold, dark and a week removed from arguably the biggest holiday of the year (Christmas). I propose the new holiday season synchs up with Daylight Savings and St. Patrick’s Day (which is signified with green, also the color associated with spring). Shed the pretense of champagne toast and formal ware at hotels and resorts, in leu of cheers with beers and park gatherings with pop up wiffleball games. Perhaps, we could celebrate the “New Year” by community events that focus on cleaning up our parks and communal spaces in anticipation of a flood of blooms, and budding trees, and I suppose you can keep the fireworks.

Instead of a countdown midnight, you have an extra hour of daylight to breakout the grill or gather over family dinner parties. Usually, the Vernal Equinox is at or around 5:30 in the morning, as we wake to a new day rising, we celebrate the rebirth of a new