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Spring...A Limited Engagement.

Updated: May 5, 2019

Spring in Upstate New York is elusive. Though it's been Spring for over a month, it doesn't really present as Spring. It was snowing over the weekend. I'm not making small talk, really I'm not. Living in this part of the country we are fortunate to experience four seasons, lthough one hangs around a lot longer than the other three.

"Lilac Vail"

by Bobby Padilla for Roc Paint Sip

So Spring here is a brief interlude of a muddy April and a portion of May before we jump into 85° and muggy. To everyone each season starts and ends with their own internal clock. There's a holiday, event or some other environmental anomaly that tends to herald the transformation of the season.

For me, I'd like to say the start of the basball season is the start of Springtime, however, when it's wet snow and 35°, its hardly football weather let alone baseball. For most folks it might be Easter, that's smack dab in the middle of spring on the calendar. Again, weather may say otherwise. Nonetheless, it brings to mind resurgence and rejuvenation. he hopeful youth of the new year. The plans we make for the Summer, from home improvement lists to vacation plans.

For me, Spring doesn't begin March 21 with the vernal equinox, but rather sometime in May. No date, just sometime in May.

"Spring Sonata"

By Bobby Padilla for Roc Paint Sip

If you haven't got it by now, I'm pretty sensitive to color and all it'subtleties. While April's wet blustery awakening melts away the last remnants of Winter that's worn out its welcome, I tend to notice the subtle shifts of color that glaze the landscape. Vibrant bright green buds begin to emerge from the treetops. Sap Green and Naples Yellow restore life back into the yard and surrounding shrubs. Siennas and Raw Umbers replace the cold monotone grays of treebark.

But Spring for me becomes truly realized in May. It's when the colors really pop! The yard is peppered with Chrome Yellow daffodils and Magenta tulips. Lush Grape hyacinths and soft hued Green Oxide blades of my irises will soon trumpet a beautiful pageant of Dioxazine purple bearded blooms.

"Shannon's Irises"

by Bobby Padilla for Roc Paint Sip

Rochester boasts the Lilac Festival every May. Highland Park is alive with a spectrum of lavenders that are visually stunning. In addition to the scenic beauty, the park is a treat to the olfactory as the air is perfumed with what is Rochester's signature fragrance.

Commutes through the neighborhood display the singing buds of Magnolias, Dogwoods and even Cherry Blossoms along with an assortment of other ornamental trees. Soft Magenta and warm washed pinks restore life to the landscape like blush to cheeks.

"Reaching Cherry Blossoms"

by Bobby Padilla for Roc Paint Sip

Spring is never long enough in , considering how long winter is. So when faced with those precious days in late April or early May when its warm and clear, when for a moment, everything is in focus. Pause and take it all in.

"Cinnamon Buds"

by Bobby Padilla for Roc Paint Sip

For just a few minutes it's like walking through an open air gallery, and being drawn into paintings or installations that strike that chord and leaves you in silent awe. Allow yourself to be inspired. Even if it's to snap a picture on your phone. Write or paint or even get down in the dirt and plant. Take a breath and find joy in that your overstayed guest has finally left for greener pastures.

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