Postcards from the Pandemic XII ( A Thankful Focus)

It’s Thanksgiving and clearly not like any Thanksgiving I ever had in my 50 years. It’s different for everyone, at least it should be. An unwanted package left on our collective doorstep by the pandemic…or is it a gift? For a moment, see past the overeating and bustling dinner tables. Separate the shitty Lions football and loudmouth relatives from the day we’re to give thanks and be appreciative for what remains, your life. See it at the capacity for what is, not what it could be or what it should have been. A humble home, hopefully health, and something you like to eat. A focus on those faces that live in immediate household. I’m sorry for the sharp pang of remorse this brings to anyone that’s lost a loved one to this virus, the last thing those folks need is to be further isolated in grief.