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Now we're cook'n !

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Anyone whose spent any time in the kitchen or has prepared a meal, which is everyone, knows the importance of quality ingredients. Fresh produce, herbs, and spices can define a recipe's success.

Many things go into the "recipe" of a successful painting as well. Let's strip away all the intangibles for a moment. Set aside color, texture, and composition. The symbolism and depth of meaning, all that. Now you're left with the physical materials that make up the painting.

I know that when we paint together, it's not necessarily about making a Magnum Opus but rather about sharing some laughs and a couple glasses of wine. It's about creating a memory that you'll share with your besties. However, I value the process mixing paint and choosing the right brush for the right strokes.

Using a medium body paint gives even the most novice painter a tactile experience of blending colors. A sturdy brush feels good in the hand. A firmly constructed thick grade canvas will give you a solid start to your piece.

Many chain paint and sips use a liquid acrylic that is looser in body and can be runny at times. While you can layer transpare of colors easier, the difficulties lies in how "quick" the paint is. Speed is important to my competitors. They need you gone in 2 hours.

Many of you who have painted with me know I dont rush you. The last thing I want is to have you feel rushed or lost while you paint. Painting is joyful and fun, at least in your context. You leave the tortured artist thing to me.

I use mostly Blick acrylics, brushes and canvas. They have a quality feel and a durable body. The paint has a great viscosity and length (ability to stay workable).

"Imagine you are an artist painting with your family and friends" is our mission at every party and event we've done. So for the brief time that we have together, you're artists who deserve the best ingredients for your masterpiece. Yes, a couple drinks in and you'll want to quit your day job and want to paint all day!

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