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Lost in Space? Nah, I'm Good...

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Space, the final frontier... Yeah, I'm one those geeks. I'll spare you all the Star Trek analogies. You're welcome. However, have you ever gazed up into the night sky whether in your backyard or on en exotic vacation somewhere on this amazing planet and thought, "I could be here forever," frozen in the moment with the brief slice of spiritual clarity on how small we are within the infinite universe. Perhaps we have been here seemingly forever, just specks of cosmic dust. Here for time to pass, and drift about the cosmos, only to reemerge again destined to repeat the cycle all over again. Dreaming upon the galaxy above you, have you ever wondered, wouldn't that be great in a glass with pineapple juice?

"Soul Chili or the Sun Cooks for the Moon"

By Bobby Padilla

(mixed media on watercolor paper)

At the center of our galaxy there lies a massive space cloud like form or nebula, Sagittarius B2, which is mostly comprised of that cosmic dust and gas. That gas is composed of ethyl formate. This is the same molecule that gives rum its distinct aroma. It's also responsible for giving raspberries their fruity and sweet flavor.

For a moment let's suspend the laws of general science, and how the lack of oxygen and uninhabitable temperatures would make you implode and turn your remains into tiny shards of space glass. Let's say you were able to float weightless through the SB2 with a large tumbler of pineapple juice, just drinking in the universe and providing sustenance for your soul. That would be truly intoxicating!

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