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Fall, It Fell Quickly

Alychamps, Autumn, 1888

By Vincent Van Gogh

Oil on Canvas

With a few days left in November, it’s dreary like it should be. A Bit milder than usual, but that’s how weather rolls around here. Just two weeks back it looked and felt like February. We’ve received 10 inches of snow and broke 3 record low temperatures. The first day of winter is December 21 but you wouldn’t know it shoveling wet snow at 6:30 in the morning. I do love the changing seasons and I already have a companion blog post for winter. It’s just we didn’t get much of an autumn. As people book parties in late August and early September, I look forward to teaching a couple fall themed painting from our catalog, this autumn we didn’t.

Late Autumn Day in the Jaegersburg, 1886

By Theodor Phillipsen

Oil on Canvas, 24” x 34”

Autumn Gold, 1994

By Tatyana Yablonski

Oil on Canvas

I did have a couple pumpkin painting parties scheduled which is seasonal, but it’s not the same. Pumpkins you paint whatever faces, silhouettes or verbiage you like, I’m just there for moral support. The paintings I teach I can see a person’s individuality take shape from a simple fall painting that I did in my studio in about an hour.

Autumn Leaves, 1982

By EyVind Earle

Mixed media

At this point the parties being booked have shifted to holiday themed events. That’s fine, business is business, and this is shaping out to be one of the busiest Decembers in RPS’s brief history. I enjoy the chance to paint and make friends with perfect strangers. It’s just that there’s so much to explore when it comes to expressing autumn’s many moods and textures. Past the fiery oranges and crimsons, there’s wet cityscapes and empty beaches and garden beds getting ready for a long winter hibernation. All have their own distinct palette yet convey the narrative of the changing season.

Autumn Sea VII,

By Emil Nolde

Oil on Canvas

Ok enough of the small talk… there’s family, food, parties and the crush of the holidays upon us.

Autumn Rhythem (#30), 1950

By Jackson Pollock

Oil on Canvas

By the Stream, Autumn, 1885

By Paul Gauguin

Oil on Canvas

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