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Updated: May 5, 2019

"The Dance" by Henri Matisse 1909"

I appreciate the folks who have stopped by and have taken the time to read my blog.

After months of deliberation about how effective a blog is in correlation to business operations, and my wife's constant nagging, I went forth with the venture.

Understanding the vital role of fresh content on your website is key to having a more quality and selective social media relationship with you. More so than say, Facebook or Instagram, or whatever, t's slightly more private.

Thus, I shamelessly plug the blog when I can in the hope that we gradually build our own little community of social media. So, I implore you to please leave comments and share your thoughts about the posts. Perhaps start a conversation about something relevant or lend suggestions. Shed light on you own insights and experiences. You are all welcome to engage me and each other.

It's not all painting. So don't feel like you have nothing to contribute. You're creative in your own way, and that's the very heart and spirit of the blog.

I welcome musicians and poets as well as chefs and gardeners. Sharing thoughts about your families can be cathartic too. Then, of course, there's baseball. Always got time for that.

Again, I'm thankful and will always make time to respond to your comments. SO PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS! It further justifies my decision to dedicate myself to making lasting memories with you, and your friends and family. Sometimes it's paint, sometimes with food, or by chance a ballgame. And if those things aren't available, I would gladly except a stimulating conversation through the blog.

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1 Comment

Bobby Padilla
Bobby Padilla
Apr 27, 2019

Let me be the first to say. Yes! Great blog!!!

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