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As the Crow Flies

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

October Murder (of Crows), 2010

By Bobby Padilla

Mixed media on glass, 18” x 24” (framed)

As I did the art festival circuit about 10 years ago, I had a method for creating affordable paintings that were unique little pieces of art. Simply stated, the paintings were a select blend of mixed media. To explain further, in addition to utilizing conventional drawing and painting materials, I would use Sculpey (a polymer clay) as paint to create very textural images that were rich in surface quality or (relief).

Most of the subjects for those pieces were pretty straight forward. Flowers, sunsets, silhouetted trees and landscapes. The sizes ranged from 2”x 3” to 12” x 12” and were priced to move. The price points were $10 to $250. The idea was, for a two day festival to sell by volume. The reality was I was totally short changing myself on the time spent on each piece. So for a 2” x 3” little painting of a sunflower that would take me 90 minutes or so to complete, I would charge $10 - $15. That’s not a good margin and using clay to paint is time consuming. However, the end result was striking. To push the media further, I did do a couple of sustained works on a larger scale. This pair of autumn themed paintings are a couple of my favorites.

Untitled Crows, 2010

By Bobby Padilla

Mixed media on glass, 16” x 20” (framed)

The compositions are fairly basic landscapes. As I’ve mentioned before, autumn in the northeast is visually stunning. Everyone is touched by the beauty. While not everyone paints, I’m sure at some point they are compelled to snap a pic on their phone.

Highland Park, 2014

By Bobby Padilla

Oil on chalkboard, 24” x 32” (framed)

The sculptural paintings with the crows are fictitious spaces, but this one is an actual place. Working from one of those timely photos, I did this piece of Highland Park a few years back. The process is more conventional too, oil on chalkboard.

Highland Park, 2014


I would encourage any of you who read this blog to post your autumn pictures in the comment section of this blog. It would be nice to have a collection of fall photos. Who knows, I could even paint one and credit you, yes you, as an artist collaborator. It’s my intention to include a forum in this blog, on creativity and all that inspires us. If Facebook is the Cacophony of the sometimes indiscernible voices of a packed convention center, then let this blog be the quiet section in the back of the gallery or library. So, grab a coffee or other drink or your choosing, plunk yourself down on a cozy couch and tell me what you’re thinking.

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