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A Thousand Words plus Interest. 

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Nocturne, Raven Paints the Night (2008)


Mixed media on chalkboard

These two pieces were completed in succession sometime in 2008. Nocturne, Raven Paints the Night, s a colorful piece that sings of a fable of the night sky. There is two forces at work here.

First is my admiration of Native American art and iconography. I love how man, animal, element and their visual personification lay out a story and subsequent meaning and life lesson.

Secondly, is having the sensibility for storytelling while creating an image that can't be easily dismissed as "ethnic art".

The challenge as a painter is creating a distinct moment in a story that isn't written yet, or may not ever be written. The task is giving enough to the viewer to have them create the story in their own mind in the brief time that they share with that piece. Give the viewer enough in the "picture" to lead them to a thousand words. While everyone may interpret symbols and intent a little differently, the burden is on the artist to lead you down the path of intent and understanding. Mood and meaning, and the method for delivering both, should never be coincidental.

Nocturne #2 (2008)


Acrylic on chalkboard

Nocturne #2 is a curious piece. The execution of the symbolism is a little blunt but poignant. Again, done in the late 2000's, perhaps I was influenced by the digital flood of apps that began to permeate our culture. Games and digital tools could be described in a neat little square that you could then arrange in your hand-held device or laptop.

As I look at them now I have more understanding than when I first painted them. Without leading you too much, let's just say they're about time and space, love and belonging, and our mortality and the delicate dance between those elements.

There...You come up with the other 980 words.

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