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A Method to the... Memory Making.

Rhapsody Fire #9 (2016)

by Bobby Padilla for Roc Paint

As most of you know we had a studio at one time, before we shifted to mobile parties exclusively. We were a full service studio, complete with a bar that featured a great selection of regional beer and wine along with cold press juices and milk from local dairy farms. In addition, we had a great little menu of salads and sandwiches and cheese plates. All the ingredients were locally sourced, from breads to desserts. My wife even made homemade chocolate bark plates.

Looking back, I think we were ahead of our time. As we got the studio off the ground, the difficulties we faced getting our permits and licenses he county and city didn't know how to classify us. We were a studio, a gallery, a bar, and party house. Oh yeah, we catered too. We were ranked top 5 gastropub in Rochester in 2016 by our local newspaper the Democrat & Chronicle.

Despite a rock solid business plan and exceptional customer service with a great menu, we closed the studio a little over a year later. The overhead was daunting and the rent was ridiculous. Coupled with a growing demand for us to travel, we saw an out and took it. However, this post is not to lament the closing of that space.

Having a studio forwarded a distinctive advantage. I could do any kind of paint project I wanted without worrying about the mess. Restaurants and country clubs tend to get antsy about painting.

One particular painting I really enjoyed was Rhapsody Fire #9. This was a method painting. That's to say, you may squirt, fling and drip paint in a rhythmic motion. To some degree, it's channeling your inner Jackson Pollack, but on a smaller scale. It's the dance around the canvas as you fling paint. The end result is non representational and is more about the joy of letting go control and giving yourself over to the process of controlled chaos.

Number 1 (Lavender Mist)(detail)

Jackson Pollack 1950

I hope for the opportunity to do this project again. Despite what you may initially envision, it's not that messy. I get it that may not be appropriate at your dinning room table or favorite restaurant. However, it could be a great summer backyard party. Imagine grilling out and making a couple pitchers of margaritas except you're playing like you're 7 years old again. The very best of abstract expressionism but without the social criticism.

We can do that! Visualize the coolest backyard party you or your friends ever experienced. Imagine how that would look on your social media feed. How your laughter would resonate through your neighborhood on a warm summer evening. Friends, food, and flinging paint with the fuel of a few drinks before retiring around a fire pit to digest your artistic endeavors.

Perhaps a kids' party or grad party. Paint by splatters then a run through the sprinkler or dip in the pool. Organizing a school fundraiser? We can use the school cafeteria to create individual pieces or perhaps a team mural to be displayed as a symbol of school spirit.

Just contact me and we can make it happen. You'll witness for yourself how fun painting can be.

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