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A Holiday Greeting

Santa Reading the Mail, 1935

By Norman Rockwell

Oil on Canvas

Keeping this one short and sweet like cookies and milk, or even better hot chocolate. As we gather for the holidays and share food and cheer with family and friends, it’s also a time to look back on the year that was. Not in an “Entertainment Weekly” or Glossy photo montage kind of way. But rather quietly and privately as we mix in our twinkling celebrations. Among the hectic shopping and baking, you may catch yourself enjoying a glass of wine while you wrap gifts or find a brief lull at an office party. In these moments you may find yourself waxing philosophic about the past year. If you haven’t yet, do so. Don’t judge to harshly, there’s a lot of this movie left.

Here’s hoping your quiet accomplishments were equally proportionate to your short comings. May the losses be your lessons and the wins be your guiding light. Take stake in it all. The joys if you traveled, or the sense of accomplishment you feel if you spent the money you saved for travel on a home improvement. To the fortitude it takes to overcome grief and the pride of seeing your child reach important milepost. Here’s to grinding through the monotony of everyday to whatever little moments will burn into our memories for the rest of our lives. Take it all in, then, look ahead.

Roc Paint Sip had its best December since we opened. Actually, it was probably our most successful year out of the first five. I take pride in the fact that I can say five years. Despite competition from National Franchises and individuals with little or no art experience, we’ve not only survived but we’ve flourished. We’ve struggled of course, it’s like eating soup with a fork. It’s hard work and most often than not you stay hungry. We’ve gained traction the way I knew we would. I believed I could use painting to bring people together and provide them the avenue to a truly quality experience. To have them “raise their brushes and lift their spirits”!

So, enjoy the tidings of the 2019 holiday season. I hope to paint with you sometime in 2020. Until we meet again or for the first time, here’s some holiday paintings to admire.

Christmas in the Brothel, 1905

By Edvard Munch

Oil on Canvass

Christmas (Noel), 1946

By Salvador Dali

Christmas At Home

By Grandma Moses

Serenade, A Christmas Fantasy

By Joseph Stella

Orange Menorah

By Yoram Raanan

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